R&T Fair in Stuttgart

Mermet and Helioscreen will launch their new innovations and collections at R&T fair in Stuttgart 28th February to 3rd March 2012, the leading world trade fair for sun protection systems.


  • Mermet France and Mermet USA R&D teams present improvement yarn performance for new solar protection fabrics and architectural applications.


The Enduris™ Glass Core weaves offer unique new designs

Unique coatings:

  • Metalized coating for higher solar reflection (Mermet France)
  • Interferential coatings or metalized coloured coatings (Mermet France). The fabric colour change according to the light orientation

Unique decorations:

  • Printable, flexible and modular, each Enduris™ Glass Core fabric can be used fully customized with digital printing to match any style: visual communication, patterns or motif, high resolution pictures, RAL or PANTONE colours


  • Enduris™ Glass Core in healthcare application – new specific and invisible coating: bacteriostatic properties to inhibit the growth of various strains (either GRAM+ or GRAM-) and to keep a sound environment (Mermet France).

Custom designs:

  • In addition to the large collection with hundreds of options, Helioscreen, Mermet France and Mermet USA have added the ability to customize Enduris™ Glass Core fabrics according to projects or blind manufacturers’ own collections.